5 features that make ARTOUR better choice then Google Trips

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Finally Google joined our quest for useful tour app. Yet there are features missing that we know of. :)

We admit, Google Trips is looking nice and provides nice features. We love the automatic routes based on timing. Yet there are aspects that Google did not cover yet. And of course we had already. Not to mention we have at least 10x smaller crew and budget. :)

Augmented reality mode and more

OK, we are sure that Augmented reality is coming to Google Trips once. But we have it since 2012. Not that we really like it. And there are other features in our mobile app that might be beyond Google Trips for now.

Privacy and logins

Google uses your data in proper ways and that's why we love it. They take care and we trust them. Yet again, many of our users do not. That's why you can sign in to ARTOUR with Google, Facebook or our account. And we do not track you in any way. We save only the data you want to save, like your own guides and points.

Plan trips online with various sources

ARTOUR is not just a mobile app with many features, it is a multi-platform solution. You can use it online and create personal routes with various sources like Wikipedia, Google maps, Facebook places and others that may arrive soon.

Use it on your websites with API

Anything you create within ARTOUR is yours to take. You can use it on your website as embed map or in other solutions with our extensive API. Just look at how Symbols project is developed.

Create research projects

Collaboration is the key in Google Trips as the proposed routes are based on what other users already visited. Which means that in future we will all visit Eiffel tower. And the rest of the Paris will be kind of boring?

We think that is really a waste of travelling time and that's why we started building the research projects feature. Because there are enthusiastic people who can build amazing tours based on various subjects. Anyone can start a project and include others. With few smart tools the project can grow and help others learn on specific topic.