Trip and routes planner

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Your itinerary on Your mobile device. Offline.

You can use ARtour to create Your routes. Add the content, sign in to your mobile device and hit the road. Your itinerary is with you offline. Easy to use, read and listen with automatic audio points.

How to create your personal trip plan

1. Sign in to ARtour (with your Google or FB account).

2. Go to MyRoutes

3. Click Create new route

4. Start adding points of interest which can be just anything. If you prefer, you can even search for the content in different sources.

How to use your trip

1. Install ARtour on your mobile device from the app store available.

2. Login with the same account you have loggedin in at the website.

3. Find your route and open it.

4. On first open it will synchronize to your device.

5. Enjoy the trip.