Educate by moving

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Because it is efficient. Fits the senses of your users.

I was standing in a full class of students (who were sitting) trying to explain my work of salesman in flea market. I was able to show photos of some markets like this and how stock and people influence your senses. How they influence the senses of customers.

Then it hit me. Images are not enough. Even sounds or videos are limiting. We have to get out there and they should feel a market like this.

That was a moment when I decided that we will move our app from being a mobile guide to becoming a mobile learning platform.

Learn by Moving is more efficient

Because learning by moving is more efficient. Your brain behaves differently. You can touch and smell things in their natural form. Remembering details that are hard to notice in an image.

Groups guiding has some issues

But leading a whole group of people through any destination is time consuming. Trying to explain things to your group (being loud) and all the time being polite to others in that area.

Some people in group are faster, some are slower. One may be interested in paintings while others want to taste the food.

/images/temp/artour-main/2015-03-mobile-app-screens-three.jpgMobile Learning Platform solves many issues

You can avoid the issues with a mobile app. Each user can be guided through the destination and receive knowledge at the important points. But they can take their own pace, reading more or less about a certain subject. Interact in ways that fits their senses.

Points of wisdom

We call them Points Of Wisdom. They are location relevant and provide various information that helps users understand what they observe.

Edited by professionals

It is however important that Points Of Wisdom are currated by professionals. Those who know the subject and not the machines. Because then we can expect this information to be of real value. Provide real wisdom.

Professionals gather in communities

Most of the times, professionals get together in various communities, associations, societies. And this is why we have created special communities accounts in our mobile learning platform. These accounts have more options and help create the best mobile guiding experience on certain topics.

Are you a professional?

We offer 1 month free for communities account. And there are exciting new mobile and web features on the way.