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Learn the symbols, their meanings and interpretations.

Learn the symbols, their meanings and interpretations.

Enjoy explanations and interpretations of symbols. Or hit the road and take a trip at the cemeteries accross Europe to learn about the symbolic value they have for their communities.

Either way we are sure you will be amazed by the fact that symbols are interpretations of stories of lifes. Of culture. Of cultural life.

About the project

Within project Symbols we have started working on exploring symbols on European cemeteries. Project includes setting a list of symbols to research for and discovering their location (and background stories) on graves of people.

Study tours will be organized and students will be encouraged to add symbols and stories they find interesting.

We will help team members along the way to properly map and create several tours on their cemeteries.

Durign the project, 2 artistic workshops will be organized where artists will create prints and music (with dance) to provide additional explanation of the symbols. We will try to connect everything into a learning experience for ARtour users.

Partners of the project

 Association of Significant Cemeteries in EuropePogrebno podjetje Maribor d.d.Aviles municipalityNebbiu /images/temp/txt/communi-di-genova.jpg Limerick Institute of Technology logo Limerick Institute of Technology logo

Project cofunded by European Commission