Working with groups

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If you are in a role to organize a study group in the cemetery and want that group to add points, you can follow these guidelines.

If you are in a role to organize a study group in the cemetery and want that group to add points, you can follow these guidelines.

Define a group keyword (tag)

Decide for some simple keyword (tag) that will allow you to later search for the points they have created. For example cemStaglieno or symAviles,...

Ask participants to download ARTOUR app

Participants with Android or iOS mobile devices can download the app from the app store.

Ask participants to sign in

Each participant should be creating points by themselves. It will be their route of points and not visible on Symbols website. So they should sign in with their own preferred social network.

Enter the points with title, photos and keywords

Explain participants the importance of stories behind the symbols. Much more than the quantity of symbols, the quality of discovered stories is important.

Each participant should create a new route. They can name it as they prefer. Then they should start entering the points and at each point use the keyword you have defined (cemStaglieno,...).

It is however important as well that they use other relevant keywords that describe the point (symbols found at the point):

  • angel
  • agnus dei
  • thomb
  • gravestone

They may enter other content later in the website using the same login as they did in the mobile device. This is most probably better since much of the content cannot be found at the cemetery but researching in other sources later (internet, books,...).

You can find the symbols and their explanations at the Symbols project website

GPS location accuracy

Please warn participants to be careful about GPS location accuracy: each device has its own capabilities. Some have better GPS receivers, some not so good. Some have battery save mode enabled so their location is not so accurate. Some natural barriers like trees and buildings intervene with GPS signal as well.

Application is providing warning about location accuracy depending on its accuracy. If you see red warning, wait for a few moments with the device turned on so that the warning becomes green and your accuracy within reasonable measure.

Combine the points into your route

Once your group is finished, it takes only a few clicks to combine their results:

  • Log in with your community account
  • Create a route (or use an existing one)
  • click Search
  • Search your defined keyword
  • Add the points you want
  • Finally, click the plus button at the bottom

Your guide is created.

Notify team

Please do not forget to notify team about your new route in discussions forumMention the points you find important to add to the general Symbols explore list so administrator can add them.