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You can add points to your route (not other or public) with the mobile app. Check the short video instructions we have prepared for you:

What to add

Most important is the title and location. Name it in a way you will remember it as you can edit the details later on the website.

Location is entered automatically from your device. But please note that the accuracy is varrying: each device has its own capabilities. Some have better GPS receivers, some not so good. Some have battery save mode enabled so their location is not so accurate. Some natural barriers like trees and buildings intervene with GPS signal as well.

Add point - location okApplication is providing warnings about location accuracy depending on its accuracy. If you see red warning, wait for a few moments with the device turned on so that the warning becomes green and your accuracy within reasonable measure.

Reccomended to add

While you may add descriptions and keywords later, free photos are almost always hard to get. So we really reccomend that while you are there, take a photo or two. It is a good visual reminder once we end the route.