Symbols points and routes

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Each point can be used in explore lists and tours.


Symbols project has been improved with our projects feature therefore this manual is not valid any more.

Previous manual

While users are adding points with important symbols to our database, each point may be used in more routes (named lists, tours, guides):

As you will notice, the difference is mostly in geographical aspect of the route. But in future, there may be other differences, since project partners can create any kind of route. Like for example Angels in Southern Europe.

Example case

As we can see in this example case, 1 point is presented at general symbol route and in particular cemetery route.

Who creates Explore lists

Explore lists are created by project administrator upon requests made in project discussion and symbols contributions.

Who creates Tours

Tours are created by project partners. You can contact them through project discussion forum if you have particular interest or request regarding certain tours created.