Budapest with family: Day 1

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Aquawrold fun and hotel for pampering. Relax and enjoy the day.

Ramada aquapark and hotel

So instead of a romantic hotel in city centre we have chosen the Ramada resort at the most northern part of the city. Choice was obvious, it is a hotel atttached to the Aquaworld. Fun for all family members since the aquaworld offers:

  • little kids corner
  • average kids centre
  • big kids kamikaze type of slides

And trust me, little kids corner is actually quite huge for them. Kids between 3 and 6 will enjoy it for hours certainly. And even kids before 3 will have great fun in little duck slide or pool that might be the sea-size for them. :)

Now the average part is the biggest in size with great slides and even a swimming pool for those who did not come just for fun. Or small juming platform, waves and yes, even whirlpools.

The kamikaze slides are for dads and big boys. And ok, brave moms can come too. :) But really there are 6 very cool slide rides with UFO being my preferred choice.

Kind hotel, tasty food

Personnel is kind. While in previous visits of Budapest (and Hungary overall) we had many language issues, this hotel proved quite opposite statistics. 80% of personnel was good in English, with 10% excellent and 10% who were not yet there.

But I can assure you that you will gain some weight unless you are very strict about your eating habbits. They prepare wonderful meals in rich buffet choices. Most of the food seems to be prepared from basic natural ingredients and not much artificial stuff there.

Gluten and milk free food

Important part of the choice for this hotel was the gluten and milk free food offered. Now that was an extraordinary pleasant surprise for our family:

  • each food in buffet specially diet-marked (marks of gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free)
  • chief took time to help us with choice, prepared (almost) anything special we requested (we did not have to since almost everything was already offered in buffet)
  • contained several choices actually with many foods being gluten free

Otherwise, imagine this for breakfast:

  • 2 ranges of bread being specially put on top in the special diet corner
  • one table of sausages, pattee, cheese and other stuff of gluten free food, mostly without milk as well (except cheese of course)
  • special cake from the kitchen after the breakfast
  • rice milk available (most of the hotels keep only soy milk as alternative even though I did not find more than 5 people in my life who actually like soy milk)
  • even pancakes could be made if you would like to

Or imagine dinner:

  • tasty soup - and I mean it - tasty soup, not just any hotel stuff
  • at least 3 choices for gluten free, or 2 for gluten&milk free dinner
  • special desert each evening directly from the kitchen
  • anything special you might order

Yes, Ramada hotel restaurant is on a way to gluten free heaven.

Gluten and milk contamination

Except one detail. Unfortanetly there are plenty of possibilities that your food gets contaminated by gluten or milk. While staff is really friendly and helpful and cooks are amazing, they do not really completly understand differences between lactose, milk and casein.

So when they declare some sausage is lactose free - this may not mean that it is 100% casein free for example. It is for sure lactose free though.

As well, some food is served among other and hotel guests - well, you know, 95% of them most probably do not really care about food contamination. So there were cases when people with gluten bread were leaning over the gluten free food and something might have fallen off. Or they took their contaminated spoon to take some gluten free food.

Complete guide

I've packed all the fun into a set of points in this guide. Well, just in case you are hungry and not limited by the diet, enjoy this secret. The best chimney cake in Budapest they say. :)