Budapest with family: Day 3

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Wander around Buda and other finer parts of the city.


Walking around historical sights might seem borring to kids, but once they are up there, it is anything but that. The Buda castle, which was first completed in 1265, inspires many senses. You can get up on rails or by walking. Anyway it is much fun for kids to know they are now just like kings rulling the Pest. :)

The old part of the city attached to the castle offers many delights as well. Food, drinks and Fisherman's Bastion will inspire all your senses for an hour or two.

Children's railway

One of those relaxing but questionable journey is Children's railway (museum). It is supposed to be the greatest (biggest) child toy of the world. It is really nice and plesant but yet again in the times when children are riding so many vehicles it is not much more than a ride.

But you can take a bus to get to the first station and then ride back with this railway and get a feeling of richer part of Budapest. Buda is really nice to see and an hour or two will relax the tensions of the city within you.

Millenaris park

The last station of the railway is near to Millenaris park which offers a very nice children playground. All the way up to 8 years children will certainly enjoy it for an hour while you relax on the bench in this ex industrial part turned into cultural space. Depending on the family preferences it might be perfect time for her to shop in a 200m away Mammut shopping centre.

Best lunch time

Ready for some lunch in a hospitable, small restaurant with a soul? Have a 5 minutes walk to Due Fratelli. You will enjoy it. Besides being very friendly, this nicely decorated small restaurant that is hard to find, provides tasteful food. And for more than a fair price.

Top secret chimney cake

As you will notice Hungary has a really special sweet cake that looks like chimney. You can get in vanilla, chocolate or many other flavours. But you should not buy the one in the store. Or the closest one you find on the street packed in anything. Get down to the main railway station and in front you will find a little kiosk with a big line. Here you can get the best chimney cake. Because everyone is waiting for that top made top secret kürtÅ‘skalács (that's how they call it in Hungarian).

Complete guide

I've packed all the fun into a set of points in this guide. Well, just in case you are hungry and not limited by the diet, enjoy this secret. The best chimney cake in Budapest they say. :)