Discovering almost narrowest street in the world

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And as you wonder if such a small village can hide something else, there it is. The (2nd) narrowest street in the world.

In a short vacation at Krk island I have decided to search around using ARtour. Among results there was Vrbnik. The main image immediately felt as a must visit place.

Little Toscana

Road to Vrbnik felt like Toscana. A vinery here, vinery there. Sun and nature. And after a curve or two there it was. Vrbnik at the top of the hill above the sea. Fantastic scenery right from the start.

Park and Ride

You know how in big towns and cities it is popular to find a parking and ride with public transport? It's the same in Vrbnik. Park just beside the old village and get on your feet. Just go and walk around.

Corners to the church

As you walk, there is always a corner. Covers the view to the next street and you just cannot stop wondering if it will be as nice as this one. And it is. At the top of the hill, a church with a view. To the old village, to the beaches and the coast.

Beach at the end of the world

At the southeast corner you can find a beach. But you have to walk down there to enjoy it. And it is worthy every moment. Because there are stairs down to the sea. And no crowd. Yeap. Kind of the beach you want to visit on a sunny day.

(2nd) narrowest street in the world

And as you wonder if such a small village can hide something else, there it is. The (namely) narrowest street in the world. And yes, you have to be thin enough to come through. No kidding. Do not eat a hamburger before you enter. :)

As it seems but some internet sources, the narrowest street is actually Spreuerhofstraße in Reutlingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany with only 31cm at narrowest point. So this makes Klančić with 50 cm at narrowest point the 2nd narrowest. Scarry enough for body builders. :)

Enjoy some wine with a view

Before you leave, enter the winery at the village entrance. Terrace offers great view. Don't mind the factory roof bellow. It will not ruin that fantastic moment. :)