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Do you like to take your smart phone on a trip?

Travel to discover

Let’s face it…frequently we have to check for direction or find a place where to eat or grab a drink. When traveling with a car we also have to find a gas station.  

But most of the times when we travel, we want to see something. Best city attractions some that aren’t so famous.  Get inside the skin of locals. Know who lived in that old building.

Discover with mobile phone

Maps are useful for men. Women prefer to ask around. But we are both losing time and getting poor (and old) information.

Mobile phone contains map and (up-to-date) information. In 1 single app. And it is position aware.

Complete mobile guide in single pack

Yes there are some mobile applications called mobile guide you can even get for free and contains a lot of points of interest. But what about the stories of attractions?

Usually you get only directions where to go and some reviews from a few users that have already visited the place. Oh… and it usually work online… so you have to have a lot of money to cover your mobile bill on the end of the month.

Well we all now the awkward moment when you really need some information about location and you don’t have the internet connection.  

But there is a new trick how to solve all that problems. 

If you are going in a foreign country you don’t have to worry about internet costs, you will always have new maps and information and you can use it on Android or on Apple smart phones.


ARTOUR is a new way of mobile guide

... it is actually your first personal travel guide.

Once it is downloaded you can turn internet connection off and start using all features.

App contains a list of different point of interest which you select by just tapping it. Each point of interest will reveal you very useful information with stories about attractions. You will also have information about opening time, ticket information and tips how to get to the attraction using public transportation system
Beside that, you can see the attractions on the map… you can see all at one time – where is your location and where the attractions are.

App also has AR (augmented reality) which means you can use your camera on your mobile phone to see which attraction is in front of you.

Click here to find out if AR is really useful. or read this blog to see AR in motion.

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