Points Of Wisdom

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Look at any monument in your town. There are probably hundreds of posts around the internet about each point in our environment. And they do provide some understanding of what we see, feel and touch. But to achieve real understanding they are not enough.

Add professionally currated content

It is important that people with real insight and understanding of the subject provide their input. Combine the resources to guide a random visitor to the understanding of importance of that monument.

Not just Points Of Interest

This is how they transform from being simple Points of Interest (classical guiding approach) to become Points Of Wisdom. Because in professionally currated content a visitor may find better and deeper understanding. Thus achieving wisdom.

That's why we call our points in any route Points Of Wisdom.

Is that all?

No, we belive this is just a first step. To really achieve wisdom, a visitor should take tests and add his own content. His own findings on the subject. That is a moment when true wisdom may be found.

That is all we are trying to achieve. Learn By Moving.