How Mobile Learning Platform helps Educate Your visitors

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Associations, communities and societies can now Educate by Moving their visitors.

Associations and societies can now Educate by Moving visitors with Mobile Learning platform.

Before visitors arrive: Roasted apple Test

Educating visitors starts way before they arrive. When they begin exploring through the internet about new names, geography, history and customs.

Within ARtour you can easily prepare funny tests for them. Help them understand and memorize most important details. We call them Roasted apple tests. Because tests should be fun. Try it, it includes solving puzzle.

As they plan: personal itinerary

Create personal itineraryYou suggest itinerary and they may build their own out of that. Add some new Points Of Wisdom or remove some that are not interesting for them. It is up to their personal preferences.

Mobile guide with vibrateWhile they fly over: connect

Great flight is about reading.

Learn interesting information which can be talked over with your travel mate.

So make sure to add some Points Of Wisdom that connect your destination with the world.

Customs, products and cultural activities that relate you to many other cultures.

This is how they will feel more connected to You. Ready to Learn.

As they explore: assist and vibrate

Augmented reality in mobile phoneMost mobile guides intend to provide the path of moving. The line that all visitors should follow. Shortest way from point A to B.

We disagree. Real learning happens when you walk around intuitevly upon previous idea of what you want to see. Look around and make sense of the world you see, smell and touch. Without constantly looking at your screen.

That's why we have implemented the vibration alert when one is near a Point of Wisdom. And many other features that assist when required like Augmented Reality, dynamic maps, offline mode, directions, audio guiding (arriving this autumn).

As they research: add Points of Wisdom

Add interesting points mobileVisitors may be really valuable to your destination.

They may add points to their personal itinerary in the mobile app. New discoveries they find important.

And you can search for them and add them to your guides if you wish.

Soon you will be able to subscribe to other's guides. And yes, they may subscribe to your guides.

Which brings up endless possibilities.

A lot can happen when young people Learn by Moving

Puzzle testRest: take another test

All visitors need to relax, may it be in hotel room or at the lake.

But some just need more mental activitiy even while resting. Like solving a puzzle.

You can create up to 6 upgrading tests per guide.

As they succeed in one test (category) they may move on to the next. Create tests.

Win the Olympic tomato: share

Actually they may share any title they win.

Because it is important to spread your knowledge and wisdom about your destination or routes. So after they finish any test we provide an option to share their results in their social networks.

To start educating their friends.

Start Educating Your visitors

We will help all the way when you prepare your guides and tests.