Mobile learning platform

What is Artour?

Mobile navigation with augmented reality.

Smart and easy

ARtour is a platform that allows you to create your own mobile guides, or use already created guides from other users. It is useful as a personal trip planner with navigation, or an easy way to create a mobile guide for tourist organisations.

Augmented Reality Navigation with every step!

That’s what the AR in ARtour’s name stands for. We use augmented reality to give you an even better and easier to use navigation than ever.  Artour also has some advanced features that are constantly being developed. 

The mobile guiding app artour notifies you when you are close to a point of interest.

It can notify you when you’re close to a point of interest!

The mobile guiding app Artour is not just an app, it is a platform.

Plan the trip from the comfort of your home, and then use it on your mobile phone- OFFLINE. You can also integrate your guide to your website.

It doesn't get any easier than this...

What if we told you, you don’t even have to write the guides yourself? ARtour offers you the chance to import from other sources. In practice that would mean that you just select the points you want to see on your trip using our search feature & with one click import information about those points from Wikipedia, Google, Facebook or from other already created ARtour guides. 

Sometimes you just don’t know where to go, now you can let other people solve that problem for you. The app offers you to use already created trips by other users.

Mobile guide Artour.

It's about learning. By moving.

Why would you use your mobile phone instead of using a traditional map? After all, there is not really so much pleasure in watching the screen while you travel.
Well, the mobile phone is useful. It can vibrate as you walk. Explaining the things you see or you have just missed. As you were moving. So you don’t actually have to watch the screen if you don’t want to miss out on your trip.

It also has the feature of Audio recordings, which you can record yourself or use the automatic text-to-audio feature. This means no more buying expensive equipment for your custom guides of your destination.

Promote your business

We offer many prepared marketing materials for business users (we call it Community accounts). Posters, QR codes and a lot more. If you become our community user for a year we create these materials especially for youAll of your users will have the guides available for free. No payments, no advertising, in any language you want.

Yes, if we could make Slovenian work, we really mean ANY LANGUAGE.

Available for free

Thats right! Many of ARtours app features are available for free. For detailed pricing options, and prices for business users click here.

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