Something odd on Rotovž

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Have you notice something odd on Rotovž building?

Rotovž City hallHave you perhaps noticed something strange on Maribor's Rotovž?

If you haven't look at this picture very closely and try to find a building mistake.

Give up?
It is actually a big mistake made on purpose but if you don't look closely you won't see it.

Read a short story about it.
The building Rotovž was build in 1515 and renovated between 1563 and 1565 by italian masters. They also decorated something on the famous balcony. But there you won't find a building mistake. It is hiding in the main tower. The job of building the tower was given to a master builder but because he didn't receive enough gold coins he became furious and didn't construct the tower on the middle of the building.

Now you know the big building mistake of Rotovž.

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