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Tough journey through the year that made us stronger and younger. :)

Starting from passion

Our mobile guiding app started out of curiosity for the mobile world, love of technology and dedication to our respected clients. That was (way back) in 2012.

As with any such passionate project the team gets involved in many ideas and directions. Trying to solve all the issues and set all the puzzles right.

After the initial heat in 2013 we have realized that things look ok. But they can look awesome.

So we have picked up a new team member in our journey car. Thank you Klemen for being awesome. :)

Passion for awesome

So in 2014 we have decided to put our passion into becoming awesome. And here is what we did:

ARtour 3 mobile guide screenshotARtour 3 app for Android and iOS

First things first. There were bugs to fix and new mobile concepts to try. So these are not simply just versions 3 of our mobile apps. These are completly new apps that look and feel the same on Android and iOS. And yes pretty soon you will have it on Windows mobile as well. What is new compared to version 2?

  • smoother, nicer, cleaner look that makes the content pleasing to read
  • better and faster
  • search field is there
  • login with G+ or Facebook
  • some awesome travel bugs are eliminated
  • we have even tried some material design

"Personal routes" in ARtour online

If you log in to ARtour you can create your own routes. Add some points and hit the road. You can define the content, geographical position and photos. The routes you create within the free plan are yours. They cannot be seen by others or shared.

Search & import content from other sources (tourism sites, wikipedia)

While creating your route there is some cool help to your assistance. You can search for the points through Wikipedia, Google or Facebook and even some tourism sites like Maribor. Adding the points is simple, just click and they are part of your route.

Premium packages

You can make public routes available to everyone now. Become our Community member and you can create up to 20 public routes per month. More than you have time for most probably. :)

Or if you feel more like selling your knowledge about certain areas you can become the Author. This option will be available in 2015 and you will be able to create your own routes to sell.