Offline in mobile guides

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Mobile data is cheaper every day. But high quality mobile guides are consuming a lot.

Mobile data transfers are getting cheaper and faster. Even when you are roaming, the prices are falling. But when it comes to high quality mobile guides, there is a lot of data. Good pictures, even videos and other materials, may exceed 50MB easily.

Since most tourists that need mobile guides might be foreign, downloading a guide might therefore cost more than 50€. And that is a price no tourist will likely accept. It is a price for which they may afford a real personal guide.

This is why offline mode is one of the most requested features in mobile guides applications. It must provide synchronization of the guide to mobile phone while on wi-fi and later use in offline mode.

Within ARTOUR, this is done very simple for the user. As the guide is loading for the first time on wi-fi, all the content is being downloaded to the device for later use. No special buttons to tap or settings to set.