Mobile is not desktop

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Visit the spots you are describing and write there.

You are standing at Trafalgar square. You open a typical mobile guide built by machines for humans. This is most probably the first sentence you will read:

Nelson's Column is a monument in Trafalgar Square in central London built to commemorate Admiral Horatio Nelson, who died at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

Yes, it is from Wikipedia.

That is not mobile guiding

Description is perfectly valid, but for desktop. If you are standing in Trafalgar square in central London, you are actually standing in Trafalgar square in central London. Your mobile guiding app is explaining you what you already know. Without a story.

What is mobile guiding

A human guide would certainly not start by explaining you where you are. A real human guide would start with a mystery you could not have learned before in the internet. Unless you were really digging deep to the corners and wanted to know craziest things about that spot. Human guide would lead you through a story in which you would learn everything about Nelson, Trafalgar square and many other secrets of England.

So why are there such mobile guides?

Mostly because nobody wants to do much more work then creating the app. Everybody pulls content from public sources like Wikipedia (or at best tourist sites). Because it is free and sounds like easy money.

The second reason is because tourist destinations organizations that create content for mobile guiding apps, try to get it the easiest way possible: copying the existing content. And this content was first written for websites. At the time content was written, the author had in mind a person sitting at his computer and reading about that monument.

Actually rarely (if at all) we can find content written for mobile user. For a person that is standing at the spot and using a mobile guide.

Create the premium mobile guide

So if you wish to create a premium mobile guide, the one that will be amazing to user, go out. Visit the spots you are describing and write there. Listen to voices, observe the people, discover the details. And write stories that are fitted into the context of the place where they are read.

This will lead to a premium content. One that is worth paying for. A mobile guide that will bring better user experience.