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Do you wish to see most of the city in short period of time? Read this article and find out how.

How to see most of attractions in a city in one day.

Traveling abroadTraveling nowadays is something we all want to do and like to do at every opportunity we have. And nowadays, because of modern traveling options we also have more options where to travel and which places to visit in a shorter period of time.  

But still there are a lot of attractions that are worth visiting, especially if you visit a big city like London, New York, Los Angeles or even bigger like Tokyo or Beijing (Peking). And although we can travel there with an airplane which shortens our traveling time to minimum we still need several days or even weeks to see all attractions in big cities. 

So here are practical advices on how to use your time when visiting a big city.

1. Step: Always research and make a plan

Before you decide for a travel abroad, especially in a big city (capital cities) you have our own reasons why you want to travel there. So be it a nice architecture or amazing attractions, astonishing nature, interesting museums and history you wish to explore.

Sometimes you also decide to travel somewhere because a friend told you something interesting about the place

But anyhow you have your own reasons and you have to plan your visit according to your wishes.

planing your travel or vacationWhat that means?

If you decided to visit London because of its history and amazing attractions you have to do a plan and search all attractions you wish to see and discover that are related with history and make a simple list.

You have several options how to find interesting attractions

Of course your first choice is internet. But internet gives you a lot of information which are sometimes not organised or selected as you want them to be. Then you can check some travel reviews or travel logs. But then you will just have a list of attractions that other people recommended to you. So you will miss some other – maybe even more interesting attractions. 

And now in era of modern technology you have an option to seek for all attractions and other points of interests on a mobile travel guide

Mobile travel guides are mobile applications that turn your smart phone into your personal travel guide which will guide you through the city whenever you like, with no rush and as you like. So they won’t tell you go there and see that.

You can choose among different point of interests and press one in order to get information where to go and what to see, read or listen to the story about attraction and even find attractions that are located near you

ARTOUR is one of the best mobile travel guide that gives you an option to:

ARTOUR mobile travel guide

  • explore all amazing attractions of a city, 
  • sort them according to the distance from your location, 
  • read or listen to the story of attractions and 
  • explore attractions through AR (augmented reality).

You can even see all content when you are at home and make a priority list of attractions you wish to see. 

2.step: Don forget about public transportation.

After you make a plan or attractions you wish to see you should also do an inquiry about public transportation.

We all know that moving around a big city isn’t easy without a usage of a public transportation.  And a lot of people forget about that type of planning, which is essential part of making a perfect plan for traveling in a big city. 

So how to create a perfect traveling plan?

  • Research all attractions and do a list. OK...we already done that,
  • Explore public transportation system and include it into your plan,
  • Recalculate how much time you will like to spend on each location and comply with public transportation plan.  
  • You also have to consider that you have to eat, drink etc.  

So, on the end you will have a complete list of "tasks" you have to do during the day if you wish to see the most of the city

3.step: Have a help or assistance when you actually travel.

It is much better if you focus on attractions around you and don’t waste time searching for a path to go to the attractions. Leave the worries to the technology and use your time when walking on streets to the desired location to also explore and admire the area around you. 

Nowadays as you probably know technology can be a perfect assistant for you. Why don’t you just use your smart phone as a personal mobile travel guide and be a real tourist – walking around not to worry about anything – just admire the area around you and drive or walk toward next attractions that is on your list.

ARTOUR mobile guide can make everything for you.

  • It calculate how far from the attraction are you located
  • it show you the map and the way to the location, 
  • it show you other interesting attractions you also want to see.

And all that you can see through your smart phone camera. Which means you don’t have to look down on your smart phone or stop and read that tinny small letters. All important information is shown on your smart phone camera screen.

And why camera?
augmented reality in ARTOURIt allows you to see through your phone which means you will still see the area around you and also get all information

If you follow all 3 steps you will definitely see the most of the city. You will even have some extra time to do something you even haven’t planed, maybe visit something else than just famous attractions.

ARTOUR mobile guide also contains such routes – like this one for London called London | Second day which contains attractions that aren’t so famous but still very important for London and gives you opportunity to see something that not so many of your friends have saw.

If you like to travel and wish to perfectly manage your traveling time try ARTOUR mobile guide. In fact we prepared some free routs for you – like this one about London’s most known attractions.  You can get it if you download ARTOUR mobile guide from Google Play or APP Store. 


It is free ... so try it and tell us your opinion

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