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Terrassa Cemetery Guide

Terrassa Cemetery was inaugurated in 1932. It is a space with its own personality, adapted to modern needs, but respectful of the cultural heritage and the enviroment.

Located to the east of the city, Terrassa Cemetery is an area of 11 hectares, that is work of the architect Melcion Vinyals. It is part of the funerary complex that manages the municipal company Funerary of Terrassa. The uniqueness of the complex is that it offers an integral service, which includes all the phases of the farewell process. The equipment has a tannery with 10 wardrobes, a crematorium with three ovens, oratory, offices, a cafe restaurant, 350 free parking spaces and a playground. The uniqueness of the Terrassa Cemetery lies in its conception as a large garden. This allows the space to have another meaning, in addition to its own use, as a memory park and a place to walk.