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Research project by Gianni Arbuffi in collaboration with the Events Office of AFC Torino SpA

This research starts from an idea of ​​enhancement and remembrance aimed at sports lovers and specifically football. Many are the characters who contributed to the history of Italian football who rest in the cemeteries of Turin. These biographical hints do not preclude further insights and any suggestion and addition of news and indication of further characters is however welcome. The project is reported here only in part as it is a long work in the historical search of the names, the identification of the burial places of the most famous and not famous characters, of Italian football from the dawn to the present day that has been carried out from the beginning of 2016 and is constantly evolving. Born as a non-profit project, with the aim of allowing all fans to easily find the location of the tombs of the protagonists of football with a glorious sporting past to offer them their homage.

Gianni Arbuffi, Pianezza (TO) _Contacts at the Events office of AFC Torino SpA.