Buying new guides

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Choose local. Buy local. Enjoy local. Support locals.

Buying additional guides is simple. And you can support local people by leaving the money there.

Mobile guide cards are sold at tourists offices, hotels and other places

Special mobile guide ARTOUR cards are available in hotels and info points in various cities and countries. You pay for the card on the spot where you find it.

How to use ARTOUR

In order to DISCOVER and EXPERIENCE the city instal ARTOUR from application store.

Search for ARTOUR
In application store search for ARTOUR and open it.
Install ARTOUR mobile tourist guide
In order to use ARTOUR accept permissions and install it on your smart phone.
After you downloaded ARTOUR you need to sign in
After you downloaded ARTOUR from application store, tap SIGN IN button.
Enter your e-mail and password
In order to sign in enter your E-MAILand PASSWORD.
Enter 6 digit code
After you signed in tap ACTIVATE and enter 6 digit activate number. Activate number is printed on selling card, which you can buy in local store.
After installation and registration you mobile guide is ready to use
Mobile tourist guide is automatically loaded and ready to use on your phone.

No cards in your destination? Learn how you can Create & Earn with ARTOUR.