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Cookies we use

ARtour team is dedicated to your privacy with very strict policy. We are using cookies only for normal app workflow:

  • your navigation within our app or website
  • saving the content you create and want to preserve

The cookies we use are created by our solution and are not sent or used by any external services or solutions. You can identify the cookie as ASP.NET_SessionId.

This cookie is relevant for platform to be working properly. Without this cookie, the platform can only provide basic website functions like reading content.

Personal identification with cookies?

If you do not log in to create content and only use the app or website to read content, you are not personally identified by us or any external service at any moment. Cookies are just providing functions without personal identification.

You are only obliged to provide your email address if you use our platform to create your content. This is required to guarantee your and other authors content protection.