Notifications service

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Walk around and just be notified when it's important.

It is a feature we always had in ARtour. But it was depending on how you were using it. You had to have ARtour opened and it would vibrate as you walked along some interesting point.

Using notification area

We have now improved that and ARtour will vibrate and put a notification in your notification area. From there you can decide to tap on it or just clear it.

Making it smart for you

Even initially we are trying to make this service useful instead of annoying.

If you have left ARtour opened in the guides list mode, it will only alert if there is a new guide available near your location that you have not opened yet.

If you have left ARtour opened in the points list mode, it will alert if you are some 300m near to the point of interest.

Your suggestions?

There are many other ways in which we are trying to improve this notifications. But your suggestions will be useful for us. Let us know how we can make your travel easier while being hidden in the back pocket.