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Progressing to real mobile learning platform.

Audio recordings

Text reading is especially hard for users on sunny days and poor mobile screens. Therefore preparing audio recordings they can listen to is perhaps the most important feature you can use to make really great guides.

As you can create points in your mobile guides, you can now add audio recordings (little icon in top menu) to them. Besides photos this represents one of the most important features in further developments of our mobile learning platform. Check how you can do that in the short video we have prepared for you:

Add guide and points from Kainoto on Vimeo.

Offline adding points

In previous version you had to have internet connection to add points since they were directly stored to the server. This is not required anymore which makes it easier to add points abroad (expensive internet connections) or in far away places with poor connections. As you come online and start ARtour, your content will be uploaded to the server.

Optimized experience at adding points

In previous versions we had a lot of dialogs popping out that became tiring if one was adding several points. This is now much reduced to just one-time information on most dialogs.

With some other enchancements and bug fixes we are sure new version will make it even more pleasant for you to create new guides.

Want to test?

Join our beta community and you will get each new beta release. Help us in testing and we will make sure to help you. :)