Tomb Repetto

Tomb Repetto

Sculptor V. Lavezzari 1897

In this monument, which was made in 1897, the representation of the Charity takes on a naturalistic connotation and is also connected with the theme of motherhood. This tomb, which has been quoted by the reporters of the time as the “familiar Charity” or the “motherly Providence”, has been very successful, so that it has been represented in some famous newspapers. Down, in the left side, with a natural pose, a young winged genius is sitting, wearing a crown of spikes and a heavy club, referring to the theme of the work; his vacant eyes are turned towards the observer, showing some apprehension, which was a very common characteristic during the Symbolism, at the end of the 19th century, which replaced the certainties of the previous season and the detailed characters’ description in their everyday life and social positions with some more symbolic images, which refer to the mystery of the death. In both tondos there are Mr and Mrs Repetto’s portraits.


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