Tomb Parpaglioni

Tomb Parpaglioni

Sculptor F. Fabiani 1884

This monument has been commissioned to the sculptor Federico Fabiani by Luigi Parpaglioni, a rich trader coming from the Lombardy, because of his daughter’s death. A flying angel goes before the soul who is rising up to the sky, with her hands joined and an enraptured expression. This kind of scene with the personalization of the relation between the angel and the deceased has spread widely during the Romantic and Decadent intimist phases and it shows very often some tangencies with the Pre-Rafaelites’ style. These features connote Fabiani’s sculpted group, despite a little rigidity that partly freezes its naturalism. There are many versions of Parpaglioni’s monument in Spain, in Portugal, in France, in Great Britain and in South America, where the sculptor has stayed for a long time, in order to satisfy his customers’ orders.


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