Tomb Mazzini

Tomb Mazzini

Sculptor G. V. Grasso 1874-77

Mazzini's mausoleum was planned by the architect Gaetano Vittorio Grasso who created a monument in a severe Neoclassic style. The funeral room is carved directly into the rock and the entrance is simply formed by two massive Doric columns that support a lintel, on which the name of the decased is written. The numerous flags that accompanied the coffin during the funeral procession are arranged within the funeral room. Outside, on the ground, there are some marble plates with inscriptions, dedicated by groups of Mazzini's followers and by some important people, such as the British premier Lloyd George, the Italian poets Giosuè Carducci and Gabriele D'Annunzio, and the Russian novelist Leo Tolstoj.
In front of the tomb is buried Maria Drago, Mazzini's beloved mother.




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