Tomb Celesia

Tomb Celesia

Sculptor D. Paernio 1899

A bust, which is in the upper part of the tomb, represents the deceased. Its high base is flanked by an impressive male figure with a heavy club, which is an allegory of the Work, and an adolescent genius with delicate features, which is examining some sheets while sitting, representing so the Study. Down, a crown and some objects (a folding rule, a pair of compasses and a set square) which make reference to Carlo Celesia’s job.
This monument was made in 1899 by a younger sculptor than the other ones who have been working during the so-called bourgeois Realism; the gigantic statue of the worker shows his will to bring himself up to date about Michelangelo’s heroic style, who captured the interest of most of the European and Italian sculptors between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, as the great Auguste Rodin has done, because they wanted to give up the verist representation of the everyday life, in order to deal again with very important themes of universal value.


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