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Fragments of architecture

Short route for teachers and students of architecture with Dr. Carlotta Melis

"This route aims to be a first approach to the numerous didactic routes that can be developed inside the Monumental Cemetery of Turin.The tombs that are part of the itinerary are only some of the most representative of the architectural taste between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. However, construction was not a selection criterion but we wanted to highlight some issues that the research in progress has already highlighted:

  • the use of exceptional materials, which are normally used almost exclusively in religious buildings and palaces of Turin, extracted from closed quarries and now almost completely exhausted, some of which were owned by the Royal House of Savoy.
  • the importance of relationships between designers and sculptors or between designers and clients who sometimes rest in the same burial place, bearing witness to the fact that their link went far beyond just working. Through the research work it was, at the moment, found that the designers collaborated with marble workers and sculptors for the procurement, processing of stone materials, for the creation of decorative equipment and any artistic work. The sculptors frequently turned to architects to solve structural problems of the work itself or to build an equally prestigious architecture around the sculptural work.

The cemetery of Turin has been for a long time educational and creative crafts and crafts and an exceptional laboratory of styles, here are still visible evidence of the past that instead in the city are now lost or destroyed by stratification or war events. "
Dr. Carlotta Melis