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Certosa Monumental Cemetery (Bologna, Italy)

The Certosa Cemetery, together with the Church of San Girolamo, the only building of the ancient monastery that was preserved integrally, represent a journey through the history of Bologna.

Member of ASCE and part of European Cemeteries Route.

About the cemetery
Monumental Entrance, 1809
Grabinski Chapel, 1861
Vogli Monument, 1811-1813
Ottani Monument, formerly Baldi Comi, 1815-1816
Pepoli Chapel, 1868
Magnani Chapel, 1906
Montanari Monument, 1891
Albertoni Cellar, 1908
Bisteghi Monument, 1885-1891
Murat Monument, 1864
Rivieri Folesani Monument, 1801
Martinelli tomb, 1807
Maria Badini Monument, 1826
Malvezzi Angelelli Monument, 1833-1854
Maria Barbieri Mattioli Monument, 1818
Ropa Monument, 1947
Pantheon Room - Waiting Room, 1828-2008
Fornasari Monument, 1822
Palmieri Bocchi Monument, 1816
Magenta Monument, 1863
Caprara Monument, 1817
Gregorini Bingham Chapel, 1875
Weber Tomb, 1957
Lamberti Monument, 1936
Matteucci Monument, 1882
Capi Gatti crypt, 1957
Pallavicini Cell, 1870
Valdem Monument, 1844
Bernardi Monument, 1842
Salina Amorini Bolognini Chapel, 1907
Minelli Monument, 1868
Cocchi Monument, 1868
Simoli Monument, 1895
Beau Monument, 1874
Monument to the Martyrs of Independence, 1868
Osti Monument, 1900
Saltarelli Cell, 1900
Pizzoli Cell, 1905-1910
Monument to the Martyrs of the Fascist Revolution, 1932
Gallina Monument, 1904
Riguzzi Monument, 1922
Gnudi Sarcophagus, 1951
Frassetto Crypt, 1950
Ruggi Cell, 1926
Marangoni Monument, 1924
Raggi Ruggeri Monument, 1928
Ossuary of the Fallen Partisans, 1959
Campo Carducci
Goldoni Chapel
Cappella Maggiore (Greater Chapel)
Hercolani Cell
The Church of St. Jerome in Certosa
The Third Cloister
Ninth Cloister - Ninth Cloister Gallery - New Entrance
The Jewish Cemetery
The Cinerarium Gallery and the Ara Crematoria
Angel Gallery - Seventh Cloister -Three Naves Gallery