(Restaurant) Etna 2

(Restaurant) Etna 2

Gluten Free pizzas

The National Association of Coeliac Disease recommendationwww.liszterzekeny.hu help joyful piece of news may be communicated to gluten-free pizza and pasta as well to our customers. 
The gluten-free pizzatésztánkat developed in Hungary Anna Panni of high-quality flour prepared fresh every day. The 
gluten -free pizzas separate work surface, and for this purpose only bought pizza oven bake. Each gluten -free pasta boil the water separately, pay attention to the other ingredients gluten -free health and hygiene as well. Certainly not in our laboratory cuisine but the consultant of the National Association of Coeliac Disease due to trainings of reliable quality and safety guaranteed. Try to get us out. We make 

gluten-free desserts. 
The menu otherwise you can find Italian cuisine authentic Italian ingredients prepared meats, fish, pasta, and pizza specials. 
We also offer the ordered pizza home delivery of the VI., VII., VIII, XIV. districts.. 
Visit us and have fun!

Etna restaurant team.

           Tel .: (+ 36-1) 477-4747 Mobile: (+36 70) 329 9215

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