Mobile guide for communities

Open gallery

Create your own routes and guides. It is easy and affordable for any association or community. With mobile guding app that offers best user experience.

Simple interface

You want to have a simple tool to put your points on the map. Add the descriptions and photos. This is what you get.

Import your existing routes

Have you already spent some time with Google maps or other tool? Just export as kml or geoRSS and import to ARtour. Then change it any way you want.

Don't know how to do it? We will help you.

Personalized profile page

Explain about your association, link it to your website. And show routes for your members.

Free guide for your members

Your members do not pay anything. They get all the benefits of our mobile app and your free routes.

Used by many

Our mobile app is used by many associations and organizations. This is how we can keep on developing it. For best user experience.

Get easy by content synchronizations

You may have already created your routes on your website. And really do not wish to change that again. Simple, connect us with your developers. We will work with them to get the content synchronized. Update it on your website and it will be updated in ARTOUR mobile guide.