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We are on the mission of Educating By Moving. Much more than just providing mobile guiding.

We are on the mission of Educating By Moving. Much more than just providing mobile guiding.

6 tests by route

As a community user you can now create 6 new tests by each route. Initially we wanted to name them professionally. So user could achieve a status of novice, student, expert, doctor, guru.

Then we thought there is much more fun in achieving a status of:

  • Roasted apple (novice)
  • Speeding blueberries
  • Square pumpkin seeds
  • Jellous broccoli
  • Blue lemon
  • Olympic tomato (absolute guru of your route)

Each user must complete previous level before they can move to next (accomplish Roasted apple before moving to Speeding Blueberries).

3 question types

You can choose from 3 question types in each question:

  • Yes / No
  • Open answer
  • Puzzle


Yes. We want tests to be fun for users. :) And you just have to select an image.

Set test difficultySet difficulty

Be careful. When you create your test, 100% of the questions must be finished before user can move to achieve new status (from Roasted apple to Speeding Blueberries). You may of course demand that. Great teachers set high standards. :)

Try taking a test

Perhaps you can first just take a test of Learning By Moving through world. And win that olympic tomato. :)