European Cemeteries Route

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Discover the cultural heritage hidden in European Cemeteries.

A route through significant cemeteries of Europe which allows you to discover and learn about the cultural heritage hidden in monument and graves of the cemeteries.

How? With the help of ARTOUR platform.

About the project

European Cemeteries Route is a project established by ASCE (Association of Significant Cemeteries of Europe) in 2010. Today, it is composed of 63 cemeteries in 50 cities in 20 European countries.

Members of the route organize guided tours, events and other activities at the cemeteries, with the aim of informing visitors and making them aware of the important cultural heritage reflected in cemeteries.

By using Artour while walking through cemeteries, visitors get textual and visual information about monuments, graves and important people buried in the cemetery. And that is how you learn. Learn by moving.

Inform your visitors

/images/temp/txt/artour-mobile-guide-poster-flyer.jpgWe have prepared sample marketing materials that you can provide to your visitors and inform them about your cemetery in European Cemeteries Route and mobile app Artour. All materials are free to use and modify by your designers. 

You can find an Artour poster template HERE.