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Cemeteries. Gardens of souls, life and diversity.

Among some of the most interesting and, somehow, ignored and unknown heritages of the EU territory and its citizens are their monumental or significant cemeteries, witnesses of the European socio-cultural diversity, History and artistic movements.

About the project

Within EUCEMET project we were asked to develop an Augmented Reality browser. A mobile app that would provide additional information on the screen as we walk around.

This is how ARTOUR mobile app was born and created.

Findings from the project

Within project we have discovered that mobile guides are in the beginnings of their development. No matter there are so many mobile solutions out there we are still on the very start.

There are many small technical issues like Augmented reality usability or GPS and compass accuracy that impact the overall usability of such apps. On the other hand, users are not really in favor of holding their mobile devices in hands and looking at the screen while walking around.

This is why we have researched and tried to find the best options for mobile guiding in cemeteries. And 2 years later, Learn By Moving is the concept born out of that.

Partners of the project

 Association of Significant Cemeteries in EuropeAviles municipalityNebbiuNicosia municipality logo