Saša Vegri

Saša Vegri

1934-2010 (location V4L/9/18)

The Slovenian poet with the real name Albina Vodopivec (also on the grave), née Doberšek. She spent the first years of her life in Belgrade, but later her family moved to Sveti Štefan, because both parents were from nearby towns. She attended the Lower grammar school in Celje from 1945 to 1948, and then from 1948 to 1953 she attended the art and crafts school in Ljubljana. After she completed schooling, she worked for a while as a draughtswoman at the Land Survey Institute in Ljubljana. In 1955 she enrolled to the art history programme of the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. From 1961 to 1967 she worked as a freelance writer, and in 1968 she started working as a librarian in thePioneer Library in Ljubljana, where she stayed until retirement. She was a member of the Slovene Writers' Association.

She mainly wrote poems for children, and some for adults. She published her first poems in the magazines Beseda (Word) and Mlada pot (Young Path), and then also in literary magazines Naša sodobnost (Our Modernity), Revija 57(Magazine 57), Perspektive (Perspectives), Dialogi (Dialogues). In the 1970s she wrote mainly for children and young adults and published her works in literary magazine for children Ciciban, Kurirček (The Little Courier), Mladi rod (The Young Generation). In 1958 her first adult poetry collection Mesečni konj (The Moon Horse) came out. Her poems have been translated to 13 languages, and she also translated Serbian and Croatian lyric. She also wrote articles in the area of young-adult literature and young-adult librarianship.

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