Dr. Dušan Kermavner, 1903-1975

Dr. Dušan Kermavner, 1903-1975

Aleš Kermavner, 1946-1966 (location 1A/6/11-13)

Dr. Dušan Kermavner, 1903-1975

Lawyer, pre-war Communist and official, political historian and publicist, after the war an associate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and researcher of the Institute of International Politics and Economics from Belgrade, later also a librarian, research counsellor of the National and University Library of Slovenia NUK, corresponding member of SAZU; winner of the Kidrič award.

Also in this grave:

Aleš Kermavner, 1946-1966

Son of Dušan Kermavner.

Student of philosophy, poet, member of the group OHO.

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