Wife march her husband in the lifelong jail

Wife march her husband in the lifelong jail

In year 889 a Karantanian Radogost shared his influence in the city with Salzburg's archbishop Teotmar.
Radogost was a Slovenian nobleman, who owned a third of all land in Ptuj. The rest of the Land has belonged to archbishop Teotmar. Radogost was also a husband of Edeltrude from Bavaria. But because Radogost had a lot of arguments with his wife Edeltrude he also had a mistress - a daughter from Slovenian nobelman Tihomir, who we loved more than his wife. His mistress unfortunately died young but still gave him a son Ratislav. After her's death after a Pope decision Radogost had to go back to his wife. But their marriage was never happy - disorder and division on Slovenian and German side was ruled in the house.

Radogost was also a great initiator for an independence of Slovenian country and that is why he also hide and assemble some Slovenian freelancers. Their common goal was to made a region of Moravci and Panonija free. But his wife Edeltrud found out for theirs plan and send a conspiracy letter about the discovering to the king in Regensburg. The king send a delegation to Petovia (Ptuj) in order to investigate about Radogost's plan. When the delegation confirmed, that Radogost and his friend are really trying to free the region, King decided to send Radogost and his freelance friends in the jail. After a long interrogation in the prison guards took them to the king to defence him self. He was very stricken by the fact, that his wife Edeltrude betray him. He was very well aware that freedom is coming to an end and that Panonian region wont be independent for a long time. After a trial a long era of slavery started in that region. The punishment for Radogost was: losing all his property and a lifelong jail. But because of betraying his husband Edeltrude got a part of her's husband possessions. Also on the day when the king's decision was announced Radogost's son Ratislav and his sister Živa had to move out of his house.

Summarize after: "Utrinki življenja iz zakladnice tisočletji v pripovedkah in legendah"
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