Welcome to Ptuj

Welcome to Ptuj

The most beautiful for me is Ptuj...are the words which have dr. Frederico Zeri, world famous art historian said when he was visiting Ptuj in 80s.
We are also sure, that you will be thrilled with city sightseeing the Treasure of Millennium. With its rich cultural history, well known traditions like as Kurent Carnival and with excellent wine it will impress you like many.

Welcome to Ptuj – the oldest Slovenian town.

In a rich-thousand years long history the city of Ptuj was marked with two important developmental peaks. First one happened during the Roman colonization of city Ptuj and the second in Middle Ages when the town was lead by the "Ptuj's gentelmans".

The Romans have already colonize the city in 1. Century - around year 15 AD when they build a military camp on the right site of river Drava - on the place where Terme Ptuj are located today. The Romans named the city Poetovio - it was in that time the biggest and most powerful city in Slovenian area. With 40.000 residents, city Ptuj was at that time even bigger than Wien or London, which had around 15.000 residents.

The biggest value of Ptuj and the most important monument is definitely urban city structure with special triangle shape. Bottom line of triangle shaped old town is river Drava with Minorite monastery on the east and Dominican monastery on the west. The reaming two lines of a triangle are connecting the castle with both monasteries. In  the history the castle had represent mighty fortress and had an important role in defence system against the Turks. You will be able to see the castle as soon you will move closer to the city. Ptuj's old town has a specific and very densley structure, because it is located between the castle and the river Drava.

Ptuj is located on the intersection of roads, which use to conect the centre of Roman Empire with today's Hungary, Austria and Balkan. Due to its important and favourable location Ptuj was several times involved in important historical events. Favourable natural resources made possible for Ptuj to develop during several years into important passage - so called Amber road - trade road between Baltic and Adriatic see. Because of this road Ptuj has developed into important traffic, strategic and economic important city.

City is located on the old wine cellar, witch confirm a thousand year old wine and cultural history. in the old town you will be able to feel the attendance of rich history connected with wine, Romans and thousand year history.

Lets start - To the old town is only a few minutes walk.
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