Ptuj castle and its courtyard

Ptuj castle and its courtyard

When climbing up to the castle courtyard you will see restored but several centuries old well.
The well was build in 11. or 12. century but restored in 17. century and it is 54 meters deep.

The castle that you are able to see right in front of you was used for 10 years as (coin) mint. The mint was established by Salzburg's archbishop Eberhard II and Styrian duke Leopold VI. The castle was one of the most important defence building in this part of province and had a crucial defence role in time of danger. Ptuj was also one of the boarder cities for which a province government decided to reinforce them for a future conflicts with Turks. Not the hole defence building was preserved, but some part of rampart, west, south and north tower are preserved from 16. century.  

The castle has an important role also in Middle Ages, when it was the centre of feudal property.

Through the history the castle changed a lot of owners. But before

Countess Terezija Herberstein safe the castle before it was ruined. She bought it in 1873 and order a renovation of all building. She also decorated all the rooms. Family Herberstein staid in the castle until 1945. Right after the war the castle was changed into the museum.
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