Kavčnik homestead

Kavčnik homestead

Zavodnje is a spread out hill settlement above the Velenje Basin with solitary farms and a clustered nucleus.
'Kavčnikova dimnica' is part of the homestead, which stands on the slope below the road Šoštanj–Črna. It is a short walk from the signs on the road to the homestead.

The longitudinal domicile with a basement slightly leans up against the hill. The wide jutting roof, by the side cut as a tassel, is covered in shingles. Until 1981 the excellently preserved solitary farm was comprised of an elongated house, a granary and a shed for distilling brandy. The granary unfortunately does not exist any longer.  

The residential nucleus was developing in the 17th and the beginning of the 18th century and continued with its extensions into the 19th century. The cellar and barn storeys are massively built, while the ground floor is made of wood. The 'Dimnica' - the residential area with a fireplace and without a chimney - is preserved as the central part of the domicile. On the east side the 'hiša' (chamber) with the farmhouse stove is connected with the 'dimnica' and on the west follow 'lopa', 'pod' and 'parna'. On the south side along the building from the 'lopa' to the 'parna' runs a wooden 'gank' (promenade balcony). There are stone stairs leading to it. The house had small window with a bolt for closing it.  The tools and equipment are preserved in the rooms and the atmosphere of that past lifestyle can be felt.

In the small garden medicinal herbs and flowers still grow, which are dried under the jutting roof together with other things.  The estate is protected with a fence. Kavčnik Homestead is the southernmost preserved Alpine 'dimnica' in Europe.

In the summer season the house is regularly open, in winter and outside regular working hours it is necessary to make arrangements at the Velenje Museum. The caretakers fuel the atmosphere by the fire, and make every effort in their preparation of food and with their guided tours.

Open: from 1st May until 30th September:  Thursday - Sunday: 10.00 - 17.00, from 1st October until 30th April: for visitors who announce their arrival in advance.

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