Five Organic Perils

Five Organic Perils

A statue made of five iron sculptures set on a concrete pedestal, which is a work by academic sculptor Marijan Mirt, was created in 2002.
The iron material was carefully selected, since by rusting it stresses dissolution, one of the organic processes. And thus from this arises the name Five organic perils.

Connecting cities

Marijan Mirt is artist born in Zagreb, living and working in Maribor. Since 1994 he presented his work in numerous galleries with sculptures, paintings and other work. Currently working on "Parallels", exhibition in which he will expose secret corners of both towns he loves, Zagreb and Maribor.

Steel dissolution facts

Did you know that dissolving a soda can-pull-opener takes about 2 minutes in Hydrochloric Acid? Check out:

And there are amazing small creatures that actually eat steel. They are named simply the sulfate-reducing bacteria. :)

So no matter how you look at organic dissolution, artist was right at pointing out that steel is dissolving as well.
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