Atilla attacks Ptuj

Atilla attacks Ptuj

On some morning in June 452 BC people worked normally as every day and the city slowly started to wake up. Learn By Moving about what happened next.
But because of bad news, that a powerful army which was led by Attila "merciless army leader" is comming in town Ptuj's castle army started to expand and increase their artillery. The castle was encase with mighty wall and with round shapped towers.

Very soon people was terrified because they noticed fire pillars on the nearby gartens and quickly ran off the streets into their hiding places. Soon the horrible and mighty army with Attila in front came in the city on horses. Becaus of his mercilessness and effectiveness people called him (Attila) "The whip of God". On his batle marches he defeated all armies and conquered a lot of cities. And on this day he "stopped" on his was to the Rome in Ptuj. Because Attila was in the hurry to conquer Italy, he continiued his riding, but left enaugh solders in Ptuj, that they managed to partly destroy Ptuj.

About further events that happened afterward, only legends existed. One of them: "Attila and his wedding night" explains that after a long time of fighting in wars, Attila returned in Panonia region in 454 BC and at his 124 years married with some young girl Jelka. On her wish he organized a lot of wedding parties and military games. In that moment, beeing with a beautiful girl, eating good food and having fun Attila was the happiest man on Earth. But the faith wanted otherwise. On his wedding night he suffocate himself.

According to the legend his soons buried his body on some meadow, few minuts walking away from Drava embankment. His young and beautiful wife people never saw again.

You can still hear the rumours that Attila is supposedly buried somewhere nearby of Ptuj, but his grave wasn't found until today. Some people also make fun of some archeologist which is looking for something in surrounding and saying him/her: "Are you going to search Attila?"

Definitely finding his grave would be a great and mostly rich discovery. According to the legend he should be buried in nine coffins. First in golden one, then in silver one ... and last in the wooden one.

Summarize after: "Utrinki življenja iz zakladnice tisočletji v pripovedkah in legendah"
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