The Homeless Section

The Homeless Section

Right next to the work of art Megaron/A Field, you'll find a special anonymous grave plot dedicated to homeless people. It was inaugurated in 2013 as the result  of a collaboration between "Morgencafé for hjemløse" (a morning café for homeless people), The Copenhagen Cathedral and the City of Copenhagen. 

The common monument might give you a hint of the nature of this special section. On the base, it says “Gravplads for gadens folk”, which means “Cemetery for the People of the Street”.

In Copenhagen, the anonymous grave is a very common type of cemetery plot. In an anonymous grave plot, nine urns are interred in one square meter. There are no individual grave stones to mark the exact position of the urn.

More than 50 % of the Copenhageners have their urn interred in an anonymous grave plot like this one. 

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