Solaris aquapark

Solaris aquapark

Is there a more desirable destination for people looking for water adventure on a hot summer day?
The first water park in the heart of Dalmatia is settled between Solaris Kids Hotel Andrija and Solaris Beach hotel Jakov. Together with the Family beach in front of the hotels, it will circle a story intended primarily for families with children, but also for everyone else with an adventurous spirit.

Solaris AquaPark is a very rich attraction with unique design. It involves a wide variety of family and social activities, games and curiosities, adapted primarily to children of all ages and adults.

Up to 6 different slides, of which some reach high up to 13,5 meters, jets and waterfalls with numerous water effects are just a part of the adventure that will make you completely overwhelmed. Take a short break in the comfortable tubes flowing down the ‘lazy river’. Enjoy all water effects with no time limit.
We took the youngest children into consideration and customized a part of the water magic for them. (Children under 6 years must be accompanied by a parent or adult.)
The magical water park offers an exciting and unforgettable escape from everyday worries and problems. Dive into the magical world of water fun and enjoy it to the fullest!

Solaris Aquapark is opened from second half of April to the end of September.

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