Vantra Vitao

Vantra Vitao


25-27 Oxford St, London W1D 2DW, United Kingdom

Phone number

020 7439 8237

Opening hours

Monday: 12:00 – 11:00 pm
Tuesday: 12:00 – 11:00 pm
Wednesday: 12:00 – 11:00 pm
Thursday: 12:00 – 11:00 pm
Friday: 12:00 – 11:00 pm
Saturday: 12:00 – 11:00 pm
Sunday: 12:00 – 9:00 pm

Place rating



Review 1
I have never bothered to review anything, not even on amazon . But now I have been back here 6 times in 2 weeks (I don't live or work near Tottenham Court Road) I thought it was only just to leave a review! I went for dinner originally and had the most scrumptious raw main meal it had brazil nut falafel, guacamole and other fillings in a non wheat rap. It had the most amazing arrange of flavours in each mouthful. I finished it feeling completely satisfied but light instead of the normal heavy feeling. My boyfriend had marinated tofu that actually tasted meaty and flavoursome. Tofu never usualy tastes of anything! We both had these amazing non alcoholic cocktails that tasted better than real cocktails in my opinion. The crowning glory was the deserts though. I though I had died and gone to heaven. We shared salted caramel almond raw cupcake. Did not really have cupcake texture it is a nut based cup with a pate like centre and sesame caramel on top. We also had vegan raw strawberry "cheesecake". They were sooo moreish. I restrained myself though. None of the deserts had sugar, they are sweetened mostly with coconut nectar or xylitol etc but most are nut based. They also do a chocolate raw vegan cupcake that is nut free. However as they use nuts a lot in their kitchen I'm not sure if they could vouch for it for those with nut allergies? It is the deserts that have lured me back an extra 5 times since. Cupcakes and deserts are my achiles heel so it has been a lifesaver to go and pick up a cupcake etc that is actually nourishing my body 😇 I can now (rather embarrassingly) recommend the rasbery and chocolate ganash cheesecake (best so far), chocolate cupcake, strawberry cupcake (that is the best cupcake), the tiramisu and the mixed berry cheese cake. They have different deserts each day so you can't predict what will be on offer. I also picked up once the mango and mint vegan lassie made with coconut yoghurt. Oh my days that was good. I've been missing lassies since I gave up dairy. I don't need to miss them anymore! I have not tried the buffet but it always looks and smells spectacular. The ambience of the place is great and staff have been amazingly friendly, knowledgeable and courteous on each visit. If it was possible I would buy shares in this place. I would highly recommend a visit particularly to those who share my sweet tooth. NB I am familiar with vegan raw deserts from other outfits like Inspiral etc so I have not been impressed by just the fact they are good for you and vegan. The deserts at Vantro are just amazingly delicious they taste better than actual cheesecakes or cupcakes etc. I just have never found that to be the case with any other vegan deserts I've tried. Sorry this review has been so long I got a bit carried away! NB bring cash they do not accept cards.
Review 2
Excellent value for money, friendly staff, chilled out atmosphere and extremely healthy tasty food. A hidden gym!!!!
Review 3
Everything is vegan - hooray! This is a great little place on the main street although the front isn't big so look out for it. At lunch, it's buffet style (eat in or take away) and you just choose a small or large, and then fill up your container. (Small is £6 eat in.) There's a variety of teas and juices too, all freshly made. For dinner (post 6pm) you can choose the buffet or something from the menu. The menu items are more expensive but the portion size is more than decent. They also have dessert. (Vegan tiramisu anyone?) Staff are friendly but the service can be a bit slow but there's free wifi to keep you entertained. I've had lunch and dinner here and I'll keep coming back. Recommended for vegans and gf vegans alike. Cash only.
Review 4
Just was I was looking for! Delicious, warm, hearty vegan food! £6 for a small £7 large is great value.
Review 5
Lovely food and a nice laid back atmosphere. Staff were friendly but service took a while. Nothing too bad though
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