Romeo's Bakery

Romeo's Bakery


Upper St, London N1 1XU, United Kingdom

Place rating



Review 1
Amazing gluten free bakery with good coffee as well. Rare to find in London!
Review 2
Amazing good food - Anna ate her first BLT sandwich after 4 years!!! yum!!! worth it to go if you are looking for a good gluten free lunch/breakfast! enjoy:) :)
Review 3
Staff is rude. When asked about the ingredients guy behind the till did not want to tell and was very rude and short. Bread was £ 4 nearly 5 with no flavour very blend, and could only be eaten for 1day.
Review 4
Went there yesterday and had a fabulous and filling lunch. I thought the prices were great as 6 of us all had mains, deserts and drinks for £60. The food was delicious in its own right and the staff were super friendly. The fact that it was all gluten-free turned it into a slice of heaven!!
Review 5
The brunch there is good - not flashy but fills a hole. Smoked salmon with poached eggs was good and the hollandaise sauce wasn't too rich as it sometimes can be too glutinous.
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