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From Rogla to Lovrenška jezera

Few points to get you going

It was a hot day. So we have decided to go somewhere higher where the air cools down a bit. Rogla, 10 degrees colder. Just a perfect decision. And then we took a trip to Lovrenc lakes.

Lovrenc lakes are really worth a visit. With kids it can take you about 1,5 to 2 hours to get there but each step is rewarded with the views at the end.

Since most maps are bad and initial markations (to find the path) are really bad at Rogla, I have added the starting and breaking point to assist any further travellers that just search around. :) Otherwise you cannot get lost since the path is crowded with people and very visible 3m wide road all the time. As well markations later in the path are solid and always without doubts when any crossing occurs.