Rainbow Burial Place

Rainbow Burial Place

Since 2007, a relatively large grave plot in Assistens Cemetery has served as burial ground for gays and lesbians. A burial community with presently 30 members owns the burial ground. Only gays, lesbians and bisexuals can join the community.

Among the members already buried here is Axel Axgil, who founded the "Association of 1948", which is now called "LGBT+ Denmark". In 1989, Axel Axgil and his lifelong partner, Eigil Axgil, became the first two homosexuals in Denmark to enter into so-called “registered partnership” – the forerunner of the right to marriage, which was obtained in 2012.

Triangle and rainbow symbols characterize the burial ground. A column bears the names of the deceased. The inscription on the large memorial is a quotation from the poem "I love the colorful world" by Hans Vilhelm Kaalund. It says, "Fight is needed so that life grows”.

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